Epigenetics and microbiomics in precision health
Stanford School of Medicine

Epigenetics and Microbiomics in Precision Health

In recent years, developments in epigenetics and microbiomics have profoundly impacted our understanding of human health and the treatment of diseases. Researchers are now able to develop treatments and diagnostic tools that take into account unique differences between individuals.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction into this fascinating new field, from basic definitions and operating mechanisms of epigenetics and microbiomics to more complex topics such as computational analysis.

This course is an elective course in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate.

What you will learn

  • The basic mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of gene expressions
  • The role of genetic and epigenetic markers in human health, including the impact of lifestyle and diet
  • How epigenetic markers can influence aging, metabolic disorders, and neuropsychiatric diseases
    How the study and analytics of microbiomics have impacted disease treatment and how we define health
    Approaches scientists are using to “decode” the human epigenome and microbiome
Istitution Stanford School of Medicine
Where Online

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